O [wa] Luxury Frankincense Candy

The sweet taste of the spirit of harmony

One of the rarest organic honeys in the world

Premium Organic Frankincense Honey

One of the world’s rarest organic honey, which are only available in the Frankincense Valleys of the Southern regions of Oman in Dhofar. This organic honey is so pure and extremely rich in mono sugars, it will always tend to crystallize, indicative of its purity and originality, truly Frankincense honey and Manuka honey.

The interesting fact is that the Frankincense tree has flowers looking similar to the Manuka flower. In addition, Frankincense honey has similar properties and characteristics to Manuka honey. There is an amazing structure similarity between these two. However, Frankincense honey is naturally produced annually in quantities of 2,000 times less than the total production of Manuka honey.

The Frankincense tree has a brief flowering period during the month of April only and it is during this short period that the organic honey is harvested, so timing is crucial. A very small amount of Frankincense honey is produced annually and it reaches only a few hundred kilograms.


Frankincense honey also contains boswellic acid which is a characteristic of Frankincense. Boswellic acid is an anti-inflammatory molecule which can be used as an anti-cancer agent, and hepatoprotective, and therefore can treat asthma, osteoarthritis, colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

As indicated in the certificate below, the sucrose in the Frankincense honey is 0%

Frankincense honey is extremely rich in mono-sugars like glucose and fructose which are simple sugars that are easily digested, unlike sucrose which takes time to break down in the stomach before digestion. As indicated in the certificate shown here, the sucrose in the Frankincense honey is 0%

This 0% of sucrose assures the high quality and rareness of the Frankincense honey.

The Journey of the Honey Bees

Honey bees cross about 1600 km to produce 1 teaspoon of honey, equivalent to a distance from the Frankincense Valleys in Salalah to Dubai City (1 teaspoon of honey is about 5g).

In order to produce 1 kg of Frankincense honey, bees cross a distance that’s equivalent to 8 trips around the planet earth.

Organic Premium Frankincense Honey

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